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2018 OCT- Sarasota & 2 other Fla. cities top U.S. News & …

NEW YORK – Oct. 23, 2018 –

The top recommendation for a U.S. retirement? Lancaster, Pa. But three Florida cities – Fort Myers, Sarasota and Lakeland ranked in the top 10.

Fort Myers took the No. 2 spot in U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 list of the “100 Best Places to Retire in the USA.” According to this year’s review, Lancaster’s housing affordability and residents’ high rank for happiness helped it to bump Sarasota, Fla., from the number one position that it held last year.

Sarasota was ranked as the third top spot for retirement in 2019, but a non-coastal Florida city, Lakeland, held down the No. 10 spot.

To come up with a ranking, U.S. News & World Report evaluated the country’s 100 largest metro areas to see how well they met retirees’ expectations, such as in housing affordability, desirability, health care and overall happiness.

“Deciding where to retire is a big decision,” says Emily Brandon, senior editor for retirement. “The ‘Best Places to Retire’ offers a way for future retirees to make a more informed decision based on what matters the most to them. Whether that be housing affordability, access to quality hospitals, or the desirability of a place in general, the rankings offer a comprehensive list that can point people in the best direction for their needs.”

2019’s top 10 best places to retire:

Lancaster, Pa.
Fort Myers, Fla.
Sarasota, Fla.
Austin, Texas
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nashville, Tenn.
San Antonio
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Lakeland, Fla.

Source: “100 Best Places to Retire in the USA,” U.S. News & World Report (October 2018)

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